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The Pinball Parlour Game List

Our current collection of games is constantly changing. We buy, sell, and trade our games, just like most pinball and amusement device collectors do. To help give you an idea of what is currently available for play at the Pinball Parlour, we have compiled a list of our current games. We do our best to keep this list updated and accurate. We also list games we've previously owned at the end of this listing under 'Games That Are Gone, But Not Forgotten'. As of the last update to this database, the Pinball Parlour currently owns Games!

From time-to-time, some of our games will be available for sale. In the following list, games that are for sale will have a price. Games that we are currently keeping as a part of our collection and are not for sale will have 'NFS' under the Price column. Because the pinball machines we own are used (and sometimes quite old), any games we sell are sold strictly as-is and include no warranty. We also have no means to package or ship games, so if you are interested in purchasing a game, you will need to be able to pick it up. (Some local-area delivery may be available for an extra charge, please contact us for more details.) Although we do our best and double-check all information, we are not responsible for typos and inaccuracies in this list. Please note that some games are at the Pinball-Parlour on a consignment basis. We will get you in touch with the owner of the machine in such cases.

This list also includes pictures of most of our games. Click on the camera icon in the table below to see a picture or pictures of that game. We have painstakingly archived these pictures, all of which are real pictures of our machines. We ask that you refrain from using these pictures on your web site without express written permission from our webmaster. For some other pictures of our games, visit our About Page.

Current Inventory of Pinball Machines

Name Mfr. Year Pictures Price
4 Star Williams 1958 NFS
Addams Family Bally 1992 NFS
Attack From Mars Bally 1995 NFS
Banzai Run Williams 1988 NFS
Big Deal Williams 1977 NFS
Blackwater 100 Bally 1988 NFS
Cirqus Voltaire Bally 1997 NFS
Creature From the Black Lagoon Bally 1992 NFS
Dew-Wa-Ditty Williams 1948 NFS
Doodle Bug Williams 1971 NFS
Doozie Williams 1968 NFS
Earth Shaker! Williams 1989 NFS
Elvira and the Party Monsters Bally 1989 NFS
Fan-Tas-Tic Williams 1972 NFS
Fish Tales Williams 1992 NFS
Freshie Williams 1949 NFS
Funhouse Williams 1990 NFS
GetAway: High Speed II Williams 1992 NFS
Golden Bells Williams 1959 NFS
Haunted House Gottlieb 1982 $ 1600.00
High Speed Williams 1986 NFS
Hotline Williams 1966 NFS
Hurricane Williams 1991 NFS
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Williams 1993 NFS
Joust Williams 1983 NFS
Junkyard Williams 1996 NFS
Klondike Williams 1971 NFS
Liberty Bell Williams 1977 NFS
Magic City Williams 1967 NFS
Medieval Madness Williams 1997 NFS
Miss-O Williams 1969 NFS
Monster Bash Williams 1998 NFS
No Fear Williams 1995 NFS
No Good Gofers Williams 1997 NFS
OXO Williams 1973 NFS
Pin*Bot Pinbot 1986 NFS
Red and Ted's Road Show Williams 1994 NFS
Revenge From Mars Bally 1999 NFS
Safe Cracker Bally 1996 NFS
Scared Stiff Bally 1996 NFS
Screamo Williams 1954 NFS
Ship Ahoy Gottlieb 1976 NFS
Soccer Williams 1964 NFS
Spanish Eyes Williams 1972 NFS
Star Trek: The Next Generation Williams 1993 NFS
Star Wars: Episode I Williams 1999 NFS
Sure Shot Gottlieb 1976 NFS
Taxi Williams 1988 NFS
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot Williams 1991 NFS
Theatre of Magic Bally 1995 NFS
Top Hand Williams 1966 NFS
Travel Time Williams 1973 NFS
Triple Action Williams 1974 NFS
Triple Strike Williams 1975 NFS
Twilight Zone Bally 1993 NFS
WhirlWind Williams 1990 NFS
WhiteWater Williams 1993 NFS

Current Inventory of Video Games

Name Mfr. Year Pictures Price
Arctic Thunder Midway 2001 NFS
Arctic Thunder (Linked) Midway 2001 NFS
Asteroids Atari 1979 NFS
Bowl-O-Rama Namco / Cosmodog 2006 NFS
Captain America and the Avengers Data East 1991 NFS
Centipede Atari 1980 NFS
Cruisn Exotica Midway 1999 NFS
Cruisn Exotica (Linked) Midway 1999 NFS
Crystal Castles Atari 1983 NFS
Dig Dug Atari 1982 NFS
Fast and Furious Drift Raw Thrills 2006 NFS
Fast and Furious Drift (Linked) Raw Thrills 2006 NFS
Fast and Furious Super Bikes Raw Thrills 2006 NFS
Fast and Furious Super Bikes (Linked) Raw Thrills 2006 NFS
Galaga Namco 1981 NFS
Gauntlet Atari 1985 NFS
Hydro Thunder Midway 1999 NFS
Hydro Thunder (Linked) Midway 1999 NFS
Joust Williams 1982 NFS
Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest Williams 1986 NFS
Marble Madness Atari 1984 NFS
Ms. Pac-Man Midway 1981 NFS
Offroad Thunder Midway 2000 NFS
Offroad Thunder (Linked) Midway 2000 NFS
Pac-Man Midway 1980 NFS
Paperboy Atari 1984 NFS
PGA Tour Golf GlobalVR 2006 $ 1000.00
Pump It Up: The Prex 3 - 4th Edition (DDR) Andamiro 2003 NFS
Road Blasters Atari 1987 NFS
Rolling Thunder Atari/Namco 1986 NFS
San Francisco Rush 2049: Special Edition Atari/Midway 2003 NFS
San Francisco Rush 2049: Special Edition (Linked) Atari/Midway 2003 NFS
Space Duel Atari 1981 NFS
Stargate (Defender) Williams 1981 NFS
Super Sprint Atari 1986 NFS
Tempest Atari 1980 NFS
Toobin Atari 1988 NFS

Current Inventory of Other Games

Name Mfr. Year Pictures Price
Aqua Gun Williams 0 NFS
Foosball Table Unknown 0 NFS
Hercules Williams 0 NFS
Line Drive (Pitch and Bat) Williams 1972 NFS
Mini-Bowl (Mannequin Bowler) Williams 1970 NFS
Ringer Williams 0 NFS
Road Racer Williams 0 NFS
SlugFest! (Pitch and Bat) Williams 1991 NFS
Spooks Williams 0 NFS
Winner (Horse Racing) Williams 1972 NFS

Games That Are Gone, But Not Forgotten

Name Mfr. Type Year Pictures
10th Frame Super Bowler United Other 1950  
AmeriDarts (Not Working) Ameri Video Game 1989
Argosy Williams Pinball Machine 1977
Beat the Clock Williams Pinball Machine 1963
Big Ben Williams Pinball Machine 1975
Big Deal (Wedgehead) Williams Pinball Machine 1963
Black Beauty Unknown Other 0
Black Jack Williams Pinball Machine 1960
Black Knight Williams Pinball Machine 1980
Blasteroids Atari Video Game 1987
Bram Stokers Dracula Williams Pinball Machine 1993
Bumper Pool Unknown Other 0
Cabal TAD Corp. Video Game 1988
Capcom Bowling Capcom Video Game 1988
Charlies Angels (Non-EM) Gottlieb Pinball Machine 1978
Comet Williams Pinball Machine 1985
Congorilla (Donkey Kong Bootleg) Orca Video Game 1981
Congorilla (Not Working) Orca Video Game 1981
Count-Down Gottlieb Pinball Machine 1979
Cybernaut Bally Pinball Machine 1985  
Cyclone Williams Pinball Machine 1988
Darling (Not Working) Williams Pinball Machine 1973
Deluxe Mars Bowler United Other 1950  
Donkey Kong Jr. Nintendo Video Game 1982
Encore Bowler United Other 1960  
Escape From The Lost World Bally Pinball Machine 1988
Final Fight (Monitor Color Issue) Capcom Video Game 1989
Flipper Football Capcom Pinball Machine 1996
Flotilla Williams Other 0
Frogger (Cocktail Table) Sega Video Game 1981
Genie Gottlieb Pinball Machine 1979
Grand Prix Williams Pinball Machine 1976
Guerilla War (Not Working) SNK Video Game 1987
Gyruss (Bad Monitor) Konami Video Game 1983  
Harvey Williams Pinball Machine 1951
High Impact Football (Not Working) Williams Video Game 1990
Hyperball Williams Pinball Machine 1981
Johnny Mnemonic Williams Pinball Machine 1995
Judge Dredd Bally Pinball Machine 1993
Jumpin' Jack's Williams Pinball Machine 1963
Last Action Hero Data East Pinball Machine 1993
Leader Bowler United Other 1950  
M.A.C.H. 3 (Laserdisc) Mylstar Video Game 1983
Millipede Atari Video Game 1982
Moon Patrol Irem Video Game 1982
Mortal Kombat II Midway Video Game 1993
NARC Williams Video Game 1988
Out Run Sega Video Game 1986  
Party Animal Bally Pinball Machine 1987  
Photon Air Hockey Dynamo Other 2002
Pinball Magic Capcom Pinball Machine 1995
Popeye (Missing Monitor Colors) Nintendo Video Game 1982
Primal Rage Atari Video Game 1994
Rollergames Williams Pinball Machine 1990
Satin Doll Williams Pinball Machine 1975
Silverball Mania Bally Pinball Machine 1978
Skins Game Irem Video Game 1992
Space Invaders Bally Midway Video Game 1978  
Space Invaders (Not Working) Taito Video Game 1978
Space Mission Williams Pinball Machine 1976
Space Shuttle Williams Pinball Machine 1984
StarGate Gottlieb Pinball Machine 1994
Starlite (Bowler) Chicago Coin Other 0
State Fair Genco Gun Game 0
Straight Flush Williams Pinball Machine 1970
Strato-Flite Williams Pinball Machine 1974
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Data East Pinball Machine 1991
Terminator 2 Williams Pinball Machine 1991
Time Warp Williams Pinball Machine 1979
Toledo Williams Pinball Machine 1975
Tom Tom Williams Pinball Machine 1963
Triple Score (Bowler) Chicago Coin Other 0
Triple Strike (Bowler) Unknown Other 0  
Turkey Shoot Williams Gun Game 1984
US Classic Golf Taito Video Game 1989
Vanguard Centuri Video Game 1981
Video Pinball Atari Video Game 1978
WaterWorld Gottlieb Pinball Machine 1995
WhiteWater (Previous) Williams Pinball Machine 1993
Wonderland Williams Pinball Machine 1955
World Cup Soccer Bally Pinball Machine 1994
X-Men (Dual Monitor/6 Player) Konami Video Game 1991  
Xs and Os Bally Pinball Machine 1983
Zig Zag Williams Pinball Machine 1964

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