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The Pinball Parlour is a Family Entertainment Center in Earlington, PA. The Pinball Parlour is a 100% family-owned business. The owner of the Pinball Parlour has had a love of Pinball and Video games for years. He has collected pinball machines and various pieces of arcade and amusement history for over 11 years. His personal collection of machines had grown larger than his storage facilities and house would allow, that's when the idea of the Parlour was born. He created the Parlour as a place at which people could play, see, and appreciate the games that he had so painstakingly collected. Out of this initial idea has grown a business of providing Party facilities for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Group Gatherings (Scouts, Church, Meetings) and any other celebration.

When the Eastern Pennsylvania Pinball League was looking for a place to play, they had to look no further than the Pinball Parlour. Interestingly enough, they even changed the name of the league to the Parlour Patrons Pinball League. That league is still active at the Pinball Parlour, and is now called the P3League. The P3League has even spawned a tournament called the P3Tournament! More information is available on tournament play from

The Pinball Parlour is partially an arcade, partially a museum, partially a party facility, and also a meeting place for hoardes of pinball and video game afficianados and collectors. The Parlour is focused on fun, and entertainment. The machines in our collection span over 60 years of Amusement Device history. Our newest machines represent some of the most state-of-the-art amusement equipment available.

Here are some general overview pictures of the Pinball Parlour. Click on the images for a larger view. Please note that our current inventory of games is constantly changing. These general pictures are here to give you an idea of what the Parlour looks like inside, but for a specific list of the games currently at the Parlour, click on the Game List link in the menu at the top of this page. The Game List includes pictures of each game individually, and also lists the games that the Parlour currently has for sale.

Some of our newest machines.
Some of our oldest machines.

From here to the bottom of our page are pictures of our old location.

Some of our Older Machines
A few more Older Machines and some Shooting/Rifle Games
Our Time Traveller, Space Shuttle, HighSpeed, Comet, and Cyclone machines.
Our FunHouse, RollerGames, Machine Bride of Pin*Bot, and WhirlWind machines.
Our Hurricane, GetAway HighSpeed II, Fish Tales, WhiteWater and RoadShow machines.
Our Monster Bash, Revenge From Mars (Pinball 2000) and No Good Gofers machines.
Our Joust Head-To-Head Pinball (Rare!) and Joust 2 video game.
Our Hydro Thunder, High Impact and NARC video game machines.
The Oldest Pins in our collection

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